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Far Infrared, natural’s most precious healing energy delivered to you at your own conveniences.  Enjoy the extraordinary health benefits from a Far Infrared belt at your home, office or while driving, naturally restore health with no extra effort, detox, rejuvenate and energize your body.  This 9"x42" Far Infrared belt is made with patented Platinum textile fiber manufactured with Japanese patented Nano Technology mixing fine ceramic, platinum and zinc with multi-dimensional ester. This unique Platinum-ceramic textile steadily emits 4-14µm FIR wave which is the most essential and beneficial light wave for human body.


*Improve sleep

*Boost and enhance the immune and cardiovascular system

*help metabolism and improve circulation

*Alleviate pain and discomfort of muscles and joints

*Promote detoxification of heavy metals and lipophilic toxins

*Bring a great sense of relaxation

*Weight control

*Improve overall skin tone, including elasticity, clarity and firmness

FIR belt

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