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Standardized extract of oregano, emulsified in a sustained release form. Useful in toxic bowel syndrome, parasites, candida, and other fungal/yeast problems of the bowel and genital-urinary tract. Also useful for upper respiratory bacterial or viral infections. 5 tablets, 3 times a day just before meals for one week, then 3 tablets, 3 times a day just before meals for four weeks. After 14 days on A.D.P., add - Biodophilus-FOS and Colon Plus Capsules. For sore throat, crush two tablets and place in a glass of pure water with 2 drops of Bio-D Mulsion and gargle once or twice per day. For parasites use A.D.P. with the 21st Century Homeopathic for Parasitic Detoxification, Bromelain Plus CLA, and other nutrients known to support a parasitic problem. A.D.P. should not be used by pregnant or lactating women.

Biotics Research, A.D.P. (120T)

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