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Skin Structure & pH

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and it plays several vital roles including protection, sensation and temperature regulation.

Cell Membrane & Related Health Problems

The cell’s plasma membrane maintains a potential voltage difference (orelectrical potential difference) between the interior and exterior of a cell. Membrane potential is significantly important as far as normal body functions are to be maintained. A healthy cell’s resting potential is between -60 mV to -80 mV, if this voltage gets lower, it will start to loss cell integrity, which will lead to an unhealthy cell with a very poor membrane voltage. When the membrane voltage is poor, nutritional absorption and waste release will be compromised , which deprives the cell of the natural flow of water and restricts the exit of the nucleic waste, which lead to diseases and aging, causing problems in health.

Mechanism Of The System

Aqua Body Cleanse & Detox™ system purges chemicals and toxins from body by a combination of the following:

Electro-osmosis created by toxic concentration gradient (diffusive/passive transport component) and electrochemical potential gradient developed across the skin;

Increased skin permeability under applied electric current(electromigration/electrorepulsion) around the environment;

A current-induced water transport effect (electro-osmosis/convective transport/iontohydrokinesis).

After soaking our feet in the activated Aqua Body Cleanse & Detox™ system, millions of ions surround or through the skin which turn the naturally acidized skin (pH6) into base (higher pH). The change of pH during the treatment allows the skin turn to be permeable to variety of anions (in a form of neutralized molecule by ions) and cations. In addition, the ions were carried out toward the entire body through the blood system. Many toxins are detached from the cell membrane after neutralizing by these ions, and are ready to be removed by the intercellular fluid through electro-osmosis.


Electro-osmosis is a phenomenon that occurs as a result of a net negative charge on the skin at physiological pH (7.4). This results in induced solvent flow that facilitates cation transport in anode-to-cathode direction when an electric field is applied, which enhance transdermal delivery of neutral and polar solutes across the skin. The negatively charged skin under electrical circulate created by hydrolysis can build up high potential of electro-osmotic surrounded our body, which facilitates the transfer of cations by Aqua Body Cleanse & Detox™ system.

Toxins (including free radicals) in our body can break down the cells and make them susceptible to disease. More effective than any other antioxidant, electrons outside of our skin easily charge the chemicals of blood into negative ions, pass the ions by blood through our entire body, and donate their abundant electrons to neutralize excessive free radicals in a more efficient manner as the action of oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). In that way, they can stop the damage of toxins by stealing electrons from healthy living cells. For those people with low cell voltage which relates to unhealthy cell functions, external ions reinforce the negatively charged membrane which enhances the voltage. Alone with the reduction of oxidative toxin, our system can easily flush out variety of ingredients, including the toxic wastes of normal metabolism from our body.


As a result the cell has become cleansed and refreshed with the added benefit of the extra metabolic energy. The cell and the intercellular fluid are now restored to normal function, which may cause an increase metabolic rate since the loads of waste on cells are now reduced. As a consequence of the treatment, our body will feel lighter and rejuvenated. We will have more energy and enjoy a greater sense of well being.

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