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A water study was conducted at one of our client’s clinic in Laguna Beach in Nov 2008, water samples were collected and sent to Doctor's Data INC----an independent lab for analysis. We use the filtered water from the local water district for this study.


For a period of one week, client came in every other day for 3 sessions and water was collected each day after each session for analysis. Please see the chart for the comparison. The blue bar are the water sample without any feet in it, it measures the metallic waste which was caused by electrolytic reaction corroding the array, the red bar are water sample after 30 minute sessions with client feet in it, the differences between blue bar and red bar are metals coming from the client. It is important to know the water will change color with or without feet in it due to the corrosion of the metal arrays, however, throughout different sessions, as our body is releasing different toxins, you will notice shade and sediment changes in the water as was measured by the difference between red bar and blue bar. It is a misrepresentation to state the color change and sediments are only from the client! Please also refer to the thermograms and live blood cell analysis to witness some other changes recorded by heat pattern change on the skin or blood cell activity under the microscope for the before and after treatment benefit comparison.

Water analysis shows the amount of heavy metals being removed from a patient body during a foot bath treatment using Aqua Body Cleanse & Detox's footbath. Both post water data with no client and client showed significant levels of increase on specific heavy metals. The differences between the non-client post treatment data and the post treatment data with client are the heavy metals from the client. All water samples was analyzed by Doctor's Data Inc.

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