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I have used detox foot baths on and off for a few years and always enjoy them, and feel some benefit. About 8 months ago, I met Teresa at a health expo and she asked me if I wanted to try her foot bath. I had seen another vendor with foot baths at the event but I wasn’t drawn to them so I said yes to Teresa. 

As I was detoxing she explained the benefits of this particular model. I liked the fact that the trays and arrays are disposable because after a few uses, any array starts to look less appealing.


I had recently been told that one of my biggest health issues was that I needed to detox. I have been eating a healthy diet for many years so I didn’t really understand why this might be true, but I thought maybe the foot bath would help me in a way beyond where my normally healthy diet was not able to.


I purchased a machine and committed to myself to use it regularly, which I continue to do, 2 to 3 times a week. I noticed that you have to increase your mineral intake if you use it this often, but it is well worth the effort.


It took a number of sessions for me to notice significant changes, but after 20-30 uses, I suddenly started to lose weight without any effort. My skin became very clear and younger looking. People started to comment on the change in my appearance. I feel like I had been aging faster than usual and finally something was reversing the process.


I noticed how the detox seemed to happen layer by layer and now I am currently detoxing a lot of heavy metals which are very hard to get out of the body and I’m always surprised by what shows up in the water. 


For anyone who doubts that the machine is really working, I had the results supported by a meeting with a naturopathic health practitioner. I told her that my main issues at that time were liver and gall bladder, which I could tell by the color of the water. She seemed quite skeptical when I said this, but them she measured what was going on in my body and was surprised when the computer diagnostic indicated that my main issues at that time were related to liver and gall bladder. I have been to see her again and since that time, all of my situations and functions have improved, which I attribute to my body being able to heal itself better, with a much reduced toxic load.


I’m especially happy about the weight loss because I have been trying for many years to lose weight and nothing has ever worked but finally I am losing weight with practically no effort and I have received so many compliments on my skin I have lost track. I would encourage anyone to invest in their own health and longevity by using a Detox For Life machine.

- Colleen, Costa Mesa, CA

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