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Why does the water change color?

The water we use, the salt we add, the electrolytic reaction of the array and our body’s condition all add up to the color changes take place in the treatment session. The arrays are stainless steel and will be corroded/ oxidized throughout the 30 minutes session, , this is why color and sediment will appear in the water even without feet in it . It is a misrepresentation to state the color change and sediments are only from the client! Please see the water analysis under case studies on our website.

Water samples were collected and analyzed by an independent lab comparing the elements in the water. 3 set of data were presented, the first set are the filtered water from the local water supply which was used for the treatment, the second set were the water collected after 30 min sessions w/o any feet in the water, we are collecting the metallic waste which was caused by electrolytic reaction corroding the array, the third set were the water collected with a client’s feet in it after the 30 min session. The difference between the second and third set of data are the toxins released from the client’s body through the skin. 

These colors can be black, green, brown, orange, yellow etc, and the deposits can sink or float on the water.

What kind of water should be used

Preferably distilled water or filtered water. Tap water is not recommended for clinical practice since there might be a potential risk of reverse entry of the toxic ingredients in the basin into our body through skin.

What is the disposable array made of and what does it do? 

The disposable array is made of stainless steel and when the unit is on, it generates the ions and creates a micro-electric potential field in the water.

Why do we add salt to the water?

The salt we add to the water will create conductivity for the electrolysis process, however, if you use filtered water instead of distilled water, there will be minerals in the filtered water, you may not need to add as much salt as it is compared to the distilled water.

What does the reading on the screen tells us?

In the operation manual, you can follow the instructions step by step. When the screen shows add salt, gradually add salt to create the conductivity of the water and bring the electrical current to the ideal level of 1.2 to 1.5 Amps, if you put too much salt in the water, the system will ask you to “add water” to bring the water conductivity down and lower the current. A safety feature is built into the tower unit when the current reaches 2 Amps and the unit will shut down automatically.

What do I do if the screen shows “stop, current over”?

Pour some of the water out and add distilled water to dilute it until the screens reads “water is OK”. In order to prevent this from happening again, it is recommended to prepare the salt solution and pour the solution to the water instead of adding salt directly to the basin.

Why do I see bubbles coming from the array?

The Aqua Body Cleanse & Detox unit generates a continuous current passing through the array across the water to produce ionization. The bubbles are the separation of the oxygen and hydrogen in the water.

What is the recommended protocol?

We recommended 10 sessions twice or three times a week to achieve the maximum benefit, followed by at least a weekly maintenance session. It is also important to drink plenty of water to help flushing out the toxins, and if client can not maintain a balanced diet, it is recommended to take supplements including multi-vitamins, minerals or trace minerals. Daily life adds the burdens to our body, some practioners have chosen to continue the sessions on a more frequent basis and incorporate it into their overall health maintenance program.

Why might there be a strong odor from the water?

An odor can be generated by the client’s physical condition and minerals in the water. We recommend this procedure be done in a ventilated room.

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