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The One-Week Liver-Gallbladder Flush

STEP A: For no less than five full days, drink all the apple juice you can tolerate while continuing your regular diet. Any apple juice is okay. It contains pectin which will cause thick sticky mucus in your gall bladder ducts to become thin and watery. 


(No apple juice if you’re diabetic - Use apple pectin capsules instead.) 


STEP B : On the 6th or 7th day, follow these instructions in order to clean out the contents of the gall bladder (may be used even if the gall bladder has been removed… helps liver and ducts too: 


Day 6 instructions:

  1. Consume no fats or oils: No butter, no margarine, no salad dressings, no olive oil, no fried food, no meat, no bacon, no sausage, no chocolate, no peanut butter… Nothing at all with fat or oil content.

  2. Have a regular breakfast, except for the fried, fatty or oily things listed above.

  3. Have water or apple juice as desired until noon today.

  4. Lunch: Regular lunch, but again no fats or oils (as above).

  5. After lunch, just water is allowed.

  6. Don’t plan on going anywhere from 3pm onwards.

  7. Around 3pm drink the entire contents of a bottle of Citrate of Magnesia. It comes in six ounce bottles at every pharmacy. It is a laxative and will clean you out shortly. If you wish you may have a little lemon juice to clean your mouth afterwards.

  8. Dinner: No dinner. Just 4-8 ounces of fruit juice. Grapefruit or grapefruit juice is recommended. Water is still allowed.

  9. Bedtime: Drink down 4 full ounces of pure olive oil (any kind will work). Go immediately to bed. Lay on your right side with your knees pulled up towards your chest. Remain in the knee-to-chest position for 20-30 minutes. Then stay in bed in any position…Go to sleep and await a miracle!

NOTE: Some people will get nauseous or vomit from the thick oil taken. Some will get gassy, or get cramps or abdominal pains as a result of taking the oil. But most people will feel nothing. Do not repeat oil if you vomit.


  1. During the night or the next morning you will usually awaken with an urge to go to the toilet. There is usually a rush of “water” that follows. DO NOT FLUSH THE TOILET. Instead, examine carefully what is in the toilet bowl. You will most likely see small split-pea sized green stuff, or light yellow-tan small or large chunks floating in the bowl. Occasionally there will be a chunk the size of your thumb. These may be gallstones and other debris*! Count everything you see. If you get quite a bit out, you probably should repeat the entire flush in a couple of weeks.

* (Some doctors say these are not gall stones. This is not important, as there is no doubt that there is an improvement in liver and gall bladder function following this procedure, and improvement in function is objective. Don’t get hung up on this point; do the flush!) 


DISCLAIMER: The content on this website is intended for informational purposes only. Nothing in on this page is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.


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